We are a non-profit organization serving the men, women and children in our community.  We have the opportunity to do so thanks to the work of our volunteers, donors, board of directors and staff.

woman smiling next to flowers

Lori Berg

“I am passionate about empowering the men, women and children who come to our center.  By being a safe, judgement-free place to talk, ask questions, learn, share and process through life, my desire is that our clients feel empowered to make the choices to live their best lives!”

Tina Jefferson

“God has blessed me and has always led my footsteps. It is through his strength I am able to encourage, educate and empower our clients. I am thankful for the outreach ministry of FPRC and my opportunity to be of service to our clients.”

woman smiling in front of window

Vanessa Burdette

“I feel truly blessed that I get to work here.  I love our clients!  I have a deep desire to be the kind of person that others can feel safe with and strive to be the listening ear, warm comfort and loving friend to anyone who walks through our doors.”